Nude By Nature Odyssey Complexion Set – Review

Like all of us, I am a sucker for a bargain. On my way to the post office, I passed by Priceline Pharmacy, my drugstore of choice in Australia and there was a massive discount on Nude By Nature along with a whole bunch of other makeup brands. I was able to justify entering the shop as I needed blister plasters.

Nude By Nature is %100 cruelty free and PETA certified and promises not to use toxins and synthetic ingredients in their formulas. It is an Australian brand that is now available internationally. Knowing this I was extremely excited to trial this great brands make-up.

Inside the box:

  • Natural Mineral Cover 4g
  • Mineral Finishing Veil 1.5g
  • Virgin Blush 1.5g
  • Liquid Mineral Concealer 2ml
  • Airbrush Mineral Primer 15ml
  • Sheer Light Illuminator 15ml
  • Limited Edition Kabuki Brush
  • Limited Edition Deluxe Compact Mirror


Limited Edition Compact mirror
This mirror is beautiful! It opens like a pocket watch which the old-school gentleman in me really appreciates; with a regular side and magnified side. I have to say the size and weight is perfect to keep with me in a small makeup bag and the clarity is amazing.


Limited Edition Kabuki Brush
For a small brush it does a good job but I would recommend only using this brush for the Natural Mineral Cover or Mineral Finishing Veil. I am yet to use this correctly with blusher and already have better blusher brushes so really this is good as a travel sized brush but if I have the space, I’d choose a different one.


Airbrush Mineral Primer
The primer is a liquid and so applies and spreads really easily and although it feels a bit tacky it wasn’t sticky or clammy. You definitely need to wait a while before applying powder on top as it will make more product stick than you probably intended. I found this out when trying to apply blusher whilst on the train. I am too ashamed of how dirty my foundation sponge is to actually put on my cream foundation when on the train, and I like to give my skin a break from all over make-up. However I immediately regretted this decision when far too much blusher decided to settle way above where it was meant to go and it was a near impossible challenge to recover without make-up wipes, so take me advice and let the primer set before using powder on top.


Liquid Mineral Concealer
This is a great concealer! Although I will probably buy a shade darker as it is extremely light BUT the more I use it the more I like it. It is great as an all over concealer especially if you have dark circles (like me) and make a light triangle beneath your eye. It is not specifically for eyes. It also works great to smooth out imperfections on your eyelids and serves as a good base for eye shadow.


Natural Mineral Cover
This was good to use on top of a cream foundation to make my face less shiny, If you have a good complexion and just use this on top of BB cream it would work too however it is not good for coverage. Wearing it felt and looked natural but I don’t think it would do a great job on its own.
Like all of the Nude by Nature powders, it is very loose and can get EVERYWHERE so beware of your black clothes while getting ready and tap off the excess powder. Advice: with all these powders and especially the blusher, dip your brush into the pot to pick up some powder and then dip it into your hand. Use your hand as a cup to hold some the powder, this means less will be wasted (if you normally blow or tap the brush elsewhere I guarantee it will end up somewhere you don’t want and you’ll be left with powdery marks) Then you can use the product that is in your hand up before dipping back into the pot to save waste. 🙂


Virgin Blush
I love the colour of this blush! It is very natural but also dark enough to be use for contouring. The colour is high pigment so be careful when applying and blend out well or you may look a bit hot and bothered as opposed to natural and feminine. I will be buying a larger version once this sample size runs out as it goes perfectly with my complexion and will learn to cope with loose powder.


Sheer Light Illuminator
Perfect if you want a natural, bronze illumination. Subtle but shiny, it gives a dewy look. Use your finger to dab it only your skin evenly, or use a beauty blender. A small amount of product goes a long way.


Mineral Finishing Veil

I did not previously own anything veil-like before so this was good to try out. I think after using lots of cream products this is a good choice as it is incredibly light and just helps to take off a bit of shine. I don’t like powdery skin, and thankfully I did not get any. It helped my skin to stay shine-free (but not matte) for a fair amount longer than usual. At work when I could feel a sweat beginning on my face I checked my reflection and was happy to see I still looked fine. Although it will not last all day a product (especially this sample size) can fit with you anywhere so re-applying isn’t an issue.


My favourite items are the concealer, blush and compact mirror. I would buy each one again and probably also the Illuminator but I have so many to work through and experiment with. They all go onto the face smoothly and work well together for a natural make-up look and make the perfect base. Below I am wearing all of the Nude by Nature products plus my normal black eyeliner and mascara from Barry M and a gold eyeliner from LUSH. UPDATE I use the NBN products pretty much every day now and cannot imagine how I got ready before. Interested? Click here to visit their website.


Thanks for reading, I hope this gave you a good idea of what the Light-Medium Odyssey box is like. Although I would never have paid the full $50 price, finding it with a discount, plus knowing now that I use the products everyday, it has been well worth it!


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