Veganuary – An Introduction (Video)

Why I am doing Veganuary


Side note: my toe is throbbing under the existential crisis that is a mosquito bite under my toenail. I hope you’re all having a better day than my toe!


Anyone else trying out Veganuary this year? Let me know and post a comment why you have chosen to try it and how it’s going for you.

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Hello! I am Chloe, pleased to meet you This blog came about from the observation that people do what's easy. Unfortunately, tt is often easier to live in a way that can inadvertently lead to pollution, animal cruelty and poor working conditions in developing countries. That shouldn't be the case! And I believe it is our responsibility to shift the focus to amazing cruelty-free, fair trade and sustainable brands who are all changing the world. Join me and let's make the kind choice, the easy choice.

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