Vegan for a month – Week 2 | Lush, Takeaways & Apple Crumble Doughtnuts (Video)

This week has actually been awesome. It’s great finding excuses for treats, and ‘Vegan’ is definitely a good one! Of COURSE, I need this doughnut, IT’S VEGAN. I also had a fun trip into Lush and got some incredible goodies plus some free samples of their toothpaste, which is actually in pill form. I haven’t got round to filming a review of them yet so I’ll simply say that I enjoy the toothpaste tabs more than the mouthwash tabs. With both, you crumble up in your mouth and add some water but I much preferred the taste of the Dirty tooth tabs to the two flavors of mouthwash I tried: Ugai and the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (cool name though) Check out my video for the full story.

Let me know what cool vegan things you have tried recently 🙂

Be Kind,


Author: Coco

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