Barry M: List of Everything Vegan

Barry M is pretty well known for its bright colours and cool inventions. I have definitely fallen for the hype of cracked nail paint and have used their mascaras for years. They are 100% cruelty-free and work with HSE, Humane Society International. Not everything is vegan but I am pleased to see a few eye products which are what always seems to be lacking. Check out the full list below and if you are interested, check out everything vegan for Urban Decay and Too Faced here.




Afterglow Light Bronzer
Dazzle Dust (15 shades)
Deepglow Dark Bronzer
Make me blush, cream blusher (3 shades)
Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder
Fine Glitter (7 shades)
Chisel Cheeks, Contour kit (2 shades)





Gelly Hi Shine Lips (5 shades)
Matte Me Up Lip Crayons (5 shades)
Lip Boss, Lip glass (5 shades)
Pout ’N’ About, Lip glass palette
Matte Liquid Lip Kits (9 shades)



Eyes & Brows:

Brow Pen
Brow Wow, Pencil and brow brush (2 shades)
Smokin’ Hot, Shadow and blush palette
That’s How I Roll, Waterproof mascara
Eyeshadow Pencil, ONLY shades: Gold Cream, Bronze, Green, Brown Black
Feature Lenth, Mascara




Art Pens (4 shades)
Matte Nail Paint (9 shades)
Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint (24 shades)
Glitterati Nail Paint (7 shades)
Gelly High Shine, Plumpy Topcoat
All In One Nail Paint
Nail Corrector Pen
Classic Nail Paint (16 shades)
Mani Mask, nail care
Iron Mani, nail hardener


I hope you found this useful, and there are a load more vegan edits to check out!


Thank you, and as always, be kind.

Coco. x


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