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“A tapestry finds it’s beauty not in individual strands, but in the coming together of multiple threads, each unique in purpose, looped and tangled and pulled to create beauty…What if, instead of holding ourselves back from being woven in, we allowed our story to form part of the wider story? What if we decided to mend instead of break? What if we decided to give instead of take? What if we saw each other as we should- as human beings?”

Thus begins Thread Harvest. Based on a truly simple and wonderful idea that the fashion industry can thrive without being the worlds second most pollutant industry (I know, scary) It can work with communities and empower workers. It can be ethical and sustainable and beautiful all in one go. And with our help that can happen. We all vote (or sow, as they say) each time we purchase new clothes instead of mend the ones we own, or choose cheap and convenient over long lasting, ethically made pieces. But you can vote for kindness, and Thread Harvest puts the best of it all in one place. I particularly love being able to shop according to your values witch they also call ‘impact badges’. These include ’empowering woman’ ‘living wage’ ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘up-cycling’ and more. So if fair trade or supporting a cause is most important to you, that is exactly what you’re going to get. They also have ‘impact badges’ which are a useful way to indicate if various brands reach their standards.

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They stock a wide variety of brands including Elle Evans, No Nasties, Conscious Step, Raven + Lily and Threads 4 Thought, and have a great selection for kids and men as well as women so THIS is becoming my one stop shop for ethical online shopping in Australia. Without further ado, here are my favourites!


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Delaney Top, Ivory

$89.95 | Threads 4 Thought 
Material: lace, 100% organic cotton, jersey lining, modal-spandex
This caught my eye as something easy to wear as I basically live in black jeans and forever want cute tops! White and lacy with a bit of edge added from dropped arm holes I love that I can get away with it in my office as well as everyday wear. Being white I know it will go with so much of my current wardrobe including my large denim jacket. My one concern is if the dropped arm holes will reveal my bra… but this could also be an excuse for a pretty bralette to poke through, or throw caution to the wind and skip the bra step altogether. Free the nip I say!


Uni-size: Minima Black

$36 | No Nasties
(Material was not listed so this is from No Nasties) The No Nasties Promise:
No Nasties clothes are made with 100% organic and 100% fair trade cotton. They are Certified. All dyes & inks are water-based & eco-friendly, with no plastisols. They are Safe. All cotton farmers are paid a premium for community development. This helps the entire Village. All factories are free of child labour & discrimination. They are Fair. All packaging is made from either organic cotton or recycled cardboard. There are No Plastics.

This jumper looks so warm yet light, It makes me want to dance just to watch the fabric move! I love that this uses organic and fair trade cotton and eco friendly ink and although from the model I do think this would suit me, I doubt it would suit a wide range of people being uni-size (one size fits all). Also available in ‘creme’ (white)


Voile Shirt: Raven

$40 | No Nasties
Such a cool pattern and I love the colours! Again being black and white I think it is easy to pair it with my many pairs of black jeans, PLUS this I can see myself wearing it with white jeans or denim shorts. As all my leg-wear tends to be tight fitting I am a big fan of this organic cottons looseness and while I am a bit unsure about the sleeves, that could actually be a plus as I always end up rolling the sleeves to 3/4 length anyway. And since I love birds, you can’t go wrong.


Voile Shirt: Ash Bee

$36 | No Nasties
Straight from the birds to the bees! Are No Nasties trying to say something? Well I don’t mind either way since I also love bees! And yes, I realise I have included a mens shirt in my favourites haul but for one, I am pretty pleased that the website and this brand caters for men as well as women (there never seems to be as much out there for men folk) and secondly I think I could pull it off. Insert dancing lady emoji here.


Lani Dress: White

$79.95 | Threads 4 Thought
Material: 100% Lenzing Modal®
I love this dress for it’s simplicity. Perfect for Spring and Summer with denim jacket over the top. having two layers promises that this white dress will not show off my under garments like to many often do, so that is definitely a plus! I love how simple and casual it is, plus the length means I wont be forever tugging it down. Only downside could be the tightness after lunch when my food baby would undoubtably be showing through.



Cinema Maxi Skirt: Black
$59 | Threads 4 Thought
Material: 60% organic cotton, 40% modal
When isn’t a black maxi a good idea? Okay maybe at the height of Aussie summer, but clothing in general is hazardous at those times. A partly fitted design and half slit on the leg, perfect! As always I am on the look out for items I can use in my casual wardrobe, and work wardrobe, so this is a must have for me.


Afloat Sports Bra

$85 | Elle Evans
Material: Recycled ECONYL® lycra
While I am not so keen on the leggings (mainly because of the knee holes…I just don’t think I am hip enough for that) I adore this sports bra! Like everything from Elle Evans it is made from Econyl which is suitable to be worn in the sea so this would double up as a rough water top for me. No one wants their bikini taken away be the waves! The tropic print is beautiful and there isn’t a single element about it I don’t love. While for me it is pricey, it is worth it!


Reversible Island Bikini

Top $90 Bottoms $75 | Elle Evans
Material: Regenerated ECONYL® lycra
So you may be thinking the price is a bit steep… well in actual fact for a ethical bikini this is an amazing price, especially when you realise it’s REVERSIBLE…TWO BIKINIS…YES PLEASE! Elle Evans also has a whole range of bikinis and costumes for kids which I am slightly jealous of. But hey I can’t complain. I also love every single item in the women’s section. Hello wardrobe full of bikinis!


Conscious Collection: Malaria, HIV, Disaster Relief 


3 Pack $59 | Conscious Step
Material: 75% Organic Cotton, 15% Elastane, 8% Polyamide, 2% Spandex
These socks are for all you goodie goodies that like to support a good cause while keeping your feet warm! You can buy them in packs of three or individually on the Conscious Step website. Each pair is designed and named after their cause, for example with ‘Socks that feed children’, each pair provides three therapeutic food packs for malnourished kids with their impact partner Action Against Hunger. Spice up this years sock gifts with a more stylish, and conscious pair.



Organic Fairtrade Sneakers: Lowcut White 

$95 | Etiko
Etiko is a wonderful brand and these shoes, although they look like any other pair of sneakers out there, are a cut above the rest! They are organic, 100% vegan (no animal based glue which is common in footwear) and fair trade (despite there actually being no fairtrade status for footwear..which is just weird).” They are made with certified fairtrade cotton, in an accredited fairtrade factory and we pay a social premium to both the rubber producers in Sri Lanka and to the shoe stitchers in Pakistan”. – Etiko. I personally love these shoes, they look perfect for pretty much any casual outfit I could throw at them and I really like the stripy pops of colour. You can find high cut version too along with colour choices and options for mens shoes and kids shoes.


Trift Apple Band & Criss Wood Watch

$69 | $155 | WEWOOD
Made 100% with natural wood, Wewood has made me rethink Apple Watches just because the band look so beautiful…then I remember I don’t have an iPhone so it would be pretty pointless but nevertheless the thought is there! These watches are so beautiful and come in a few different colours, all lovely natural wood colours. Plus there are lots of slim and chunky designs to suit your wrist and they are adjustable to any length.


Kamari Bracelet & Bead and Cube Necklace

$39.95 | $79.95 | SOKO
SOKO is entirely hand made in Kenya and uses brass to create these beautiful pieces. “Soko provides a way for artisans to improve their livelihoods by disrupting the supply chain and connecting artisans from Nairobi, Kenya to market demand around the world. On average, within two months of joining Soko, artisans increase their incomes by a factor of 4x, often the difference between poverty and abundance.” I adore the handmade quality each piece has and the differences each one will have. I don’t know if it is because I have fond memories of my own mother hand making jewellery and hammering away in the attic but I love each little bump.




T Rex Fail Card

$7.95 | Good Paper
So this is a little silly thing to end my list but I really love the design. Funny and cute, and made from handmade recycled paper, everything I want from a birthday card.


What was your favourite thing on this list? Check out the rest of the ranges at Thread Harvest!



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