The Spring Vegan Market – St Kilda, Melbourne


This event is hosted by Animal Liberation Victoria, who fight for animal rights. Visit their website here: or
instagram here:

The event was so busy! with lots of food vendors outside and the inside was filled with fashion, beauty products, charities, groceries and gift ideas. I always love the variety at vegan markets, and the kind people I meet! This time I met the great people behind Velvety Ethical, Leo the Label, That Vegan Hairdresser and Medita Chocolate. Check out my vlog of the day above with interviews or read on below…

Velvety Ethical
Velvety is an online store with 100% vegan fashion and gifts. Many of the brands stocked here cannot be found in other Australian shops so it is great to find new styles from multiple brands. Plus the brands are all ethical and some are fair trade certified which is extremely important to me when shopping for clothing. Velvety also gave me a discount code that you are welcome to use! for %15 off your order use the code BKCOCOV at the checkout. Easy peasy.

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Leo the label
Designed and made in Melbourne, Leo is a sparkly and stylish label inspired by Mikaela’s experience in costume and pattern making. All but a few items are made by Mikaela in her (sequin covered) home studio and every single piece is free of animal fibers and materials. I personally walked away with a sparkly dress and starry top that I know I will LIVE IN on nights out, special occasions and ( the glitteriest of all occasions) Christmas.


That Vegan Hairdresser
Finally, there are hairdressers popping up that care for the planet as well as our hair. That Vegan Hairdresser is based in Drouin and exclusively offers vegan hair and beauty treatments. Whether you want a simple trim or the entire colour spectrum on your head TVH can do it 100% vegan and using the best ingredients for your skin. Plus they offer makeup and beauty treatments and of course you can purchase a range of vegan products from their shop. After browsing their instagram I have to say, I am very tempted to treat myself!

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Medita Chocolates
Contrary to popular opinion, you can, in fact, create vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free chocolates that both look and taste delicious. These would make an excellent gift for whichever fussy eater you have to impress, or just for yourself because you deserve it!…probably… Every Medita chocolate is carefully hand-crafted by Catherine Hill, former pastry chef for Gordon Ramsey. Catherine wanted to create a range of truly special treats that can be enjoyed by everyone. I couldn’t help walking away with six of her glossy chocolates that were all freshly made and tasted truly special. Definitely a must-have regardless of your dietary requirements!

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I felt so spoilt for choice at this fair, and these are just a few of my favourites, but I love to highlight local brands that are creating beautiful products so I do hope you check these guys out! Supporting local brands means supporting your community and helping each other thrive! Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed my video of the day.

Be Kind,

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