What’s on my Flora & Fauna Ethical Christmas List

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this list… It might give my gift ideas away. But then I saw that for the next two days Flora & Fauna are having huge sale with 15% off everything using code FRENZY  (ending 14th November, at midnight) and so, if I am going to do any shopping, and any recommendations, it’s when you folks can get a deal. Although I am sure black Friday and cyber Monday is sure to also have some fun in store…

WayCap Reusable Coffee Capsules (2 Pack)

I don’t actually drink coffee, but my parents do. Hopefully they haven’t made it this far down my list because they’re getting a set of these for Christmas. Like most people who want good coffee at home they invested in a coffee machine. However these machines use little pods..capsules for each cup of coffee and these cannot be recycled. There are a number of companies who have created great inventions that work with Nespresso coffee machines and either provide reusable capsules, or biodegradable alternatives. They all looked good but the WayCap was the only one I could find that was entirely reusable as most had sticker lids that were one-use and as my parents are in England, I had no way of knowing if they could order them over there…plus extra shipping is not really on my eco goals list. View item here. $98.90


rCup Reusable Coffee Cup Cream/ Blue 12oz

This cup simply had to be on my list. Since the day I bought this cup it has been in my bag every single day. I take it to work, I take it on day trips, I use it in the gym, I even keep it next to my bed. I am not the most ethical gal out there because I actually have another reusable cup: The classic glass keep cup. But guys, I am clumsy, glass and me is not always a great mix. And while the keep-cup is great for on the go coffee or my mid morning cup of tea, my rCup just ticks more boxes. The seal is totally safe (not to mention, fun to pop) and I can chuck it into my bag without the fear of spillage I’ve had from other containers. I use it daily for water and a cheeky chai latte and find it really easy to clean. I love being able to drink from any part of the cup as it is a 360 degree lid, making it feel really natural. Plus, if I havn’t raved enough, it is made from recycled coffee cups through the UK’s Simply Cup programme: which you can now join in Australia. My cup, is made from other cups…CUPCEPTION. View item here. $24.95


Vegan Chocolate

Christmas isn’t Christmas until you’ve eaten too much, snuggle up to watch an old movie about Santa Claus, and somehow find room in your stomach for some CHOCOLATE. Thanks to a previous video I made testing vegan chocolate, I am well versed in this subject and these are the ones I would reccommend: Treat Dreams Caramel bears, 6 pack of Dream Eggs (trust me, you’ll want a six pack) and  Salted Caramel Crunch from the Chocolate Yogi. I’m always keen to try more so let me know your suggestions in the comments too 🙂



Imprint Banana Leaf A5 Notepad

Can you ever have enough note books? When ideas strike me in the middle of the night, I need my notebook. When I am at my day-job, day-dreaming about my blog…I need my note book. I need a notebook everywhere I go and I am forever filling them up. My ideas require paper and this one is stunningly made from banana leaf and post consumer waste. It is delicately beautiful and the perfect size. View item here. $14


Conscious Step – Protect Oceans ankle socks (left)

Socks with a purpose, each pair you buy is aligned with a cause, and a charity making a difference to that cause. This beautiful short blue pair is ‘for the ocean’ and benefits their partner charity, Oceana. Another pair pictured helps trat HIV with their partner UNAIDS There are lots of causes too choose from, which would you wear? View item here. $17.95


Eye of Horus Lash lift mascara

This is definitely the most money I have ever spent on a mascara, but it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t the best money i’d ever spent. Hands down I fall in love with my lashes each time I apply this wonderful, lash nourishing mascara. And unlike others I don’t loose a lot of lashes when I remove it later on. Lengthening without clumping, it is my ride or die. View item here. $38


Etiko + Sea Shepherd Thongs (flip flops)

I have to put flip flops in brackets here because two years of living on Australia will not convert me to calling a piece of footwear a ‘thong’. Nevertheless these make my list because they combine two of my favourite companies (Fair trade brand Etiko and awesome charity Sea Shepherd) into natural and recycled rubber shoes. Plus who couldn’t love the design! View item here. $27.50


Earth Greetings: Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tags and decorations

Earth Greetings cards (and beautiful wrapping paper) is made from 100% post consumer waste, and uses vegetable based ink. I have fallen in love with these designs which capture a charming mix of Australian wildlife, and Christmas. The decorations are made from bamboo and priced at $14.95, the wrapping paper is $6, a range of individual cards are also available but the best value for money is the set of 8 for $15. and the charming sets of gift tags are $7.95


So there you have it, my Christmas list for Flora & Fauna, let me know what’s on your list this year. Incase you missed it before there is a two day sale and everything is 15% off using code FRENZY. Plus new customers always get 10% off when signing up.




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