Boody Eco Wear – Activewear and clothing review – Ethically made with Bamboo

I recently ordered some items from Boody, and since they are an ethical company I wanted to let you know my thoughts. Watch the below unboxing and review to find out what I thought. Also there is some extra ethical information on Boody below.

Background to Boody: 

  • Boody makes a wide range of simple clothing. Underwear for men, women and also a range for babies. Plus they make tops, socks, legging and some sportswear too. I probably missed some things but they are all on the website.
  • They help to preserve our beautiful environment by choosing irrigation-free, organically-grown bamboo and plastic-free packaging.
  • PLUS The raw bamboo used for Boody is certified as organically grown by Ecocert. Ecocert is a global leader in organic certification.

I hope you enjoyed this review guys, I really enjoyed making it for you!

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Author: Coco

Hello! I am Chloe, pleased to meet you This blog came about from the observation that people do what's easy. Unfortunately, tt is often easier to live in a way that can inadvertently lead to pollution, animal cruelty and poor working conditions in developing countries. That shouldn't be the case! And I believe it is our responsibility to shift the focus to amazing cruelty-free, fair trade and sustainable brands who are all changing the world. Join me and let's make the kind choice, the easy choice.

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  • I have one pair of their underwear, love them! Julian wears their socks and underwear and said they are much more comfortable than his others- win!

    • Amazing to hear! Yes I love the socks too and tarik loves his shirt so thin and soft – perfect for the current weather or layering up