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Lazy Girl Lingerie is a lace covered lingerie & womenswear brand designed and made by Cassandra Pons on the Gold Coast of Australia. Cass is a one-woman army who custom sews each item to your size, runs the social media, the website, answers all the emails and ships the items safely to your door… Phew, when does the lazy part come in exactly?

I was pleased to find out that ethical production is at the core of Lazy Girl Lingerie’s ethos and close to Cassandra’s heart. She told me that “through working in the fashion industry both in my brand and other brands prior to starting my business, I came to realize firsthand that yes while a garment can be manufactured ethically, there are still a number of other factors to consider in the process. Waste and treatment of staff are definitely two issues that were evident to me that I wanted to change in my small impact on the fashion industry. Creating each order made-to-order allows me to minimise the waste of materials and garments, and know that each item made meets the exact requirements of my customer, meaning it will have the longest lifespan possible.”

What I was most surprised about was that a well made, conscious, sexy lingerie brand even existed…and that is was in Australia! (insert fist pump here). Lazy Girl Lingerie also makes beautiful sleepwear, lacey tops and stunning trousers, shorts and skirts. I wanted to try it out for myself and get to know LGL and soleprenuer Cass further. So I asked her a few questions, sent my size details and a few hums of a sewing machine later I became the proud owner of the Ivy Bodysuit. For my product review and Q & A with Cass, read on.

Ivy Bodysuit review

One of the key things that first appealed to me about LGL was the customisable options and tailoring. I sent my size details to Cass and had full confidence that my bodysuit would fit perfectly. When the item arrived I felt so special as it was protected by a beautiful and delicate garment bag made from…well I will let you find that out in the Q&A. But here is a picture so you can start guessing.

The ivy bodysuit fit me like a glove and felt so luxurious and comfortable to wear. Comfortable lingerie… that’s something I never expected! The lacey cut on my bum was incredibly flattering and I couldn’t stop myself from flirting with my reflection as I tied up the ribbon on my back. I have always loved corset style backs but never enjoyed the breath-taking tightness that usually comes with it. Not today my friends, the soft lace could be pulled tight and still felt super comfortable against my skin. Because of this ribbon, it can take a little bit of time to pull on and off, but are you really in a hurry when it’s this comfy?

Something I loved about the bodysuit was the lack of underwire. While I know it could potentially be sexier to push the puppies up it definitely wouldn’t have felt as comfortable. The material is soft and stretchy with a coloured layer underneath that suited my skin tone amazingly well. This panel of coverage means I could even wear the bodysuit with jeans for a night out, but you could also choose not to have the inner layer if you wanted a more revealing piece. Just let Cass know and she can make the alterations.

It feels amazing to order from a small brand like LGL that is committed to minimising waste and creating beautiful, custom garments for their customers. If you are interested in checking out the bodysuit for yourself have a peek right here.

Q & A with Cassandra Pons

1: What inspired you to create Lazy Girl Lingerie?
LGL came to fruition during fashion college, when I studied a unit on lingerie and fell in love. I’ve always loved lingerie but thought it would be way to complex to create, but in college it just came naturally to me and I knew instantly it was “my thing”. I remember running home to my bestie/roommate (I had just moved in with her family at the time after moving cities to study fashion at college) so excited for my new idea.  I saw an opportunity to create lingerie pieces that were a sophisticated kind of sexy, and encourage women to celebrate their bodies through flexible fit fabrics and custom sizing

2: What materials do you most commonly use & How hard is it to source your materials in an affordable yet ethical way?

As such a tiny brand, it was really difficult to find a supplier that could allow me to purchase the small volume of fabrics that I needed. Most lace suppliers have huge minimum order quantities (MOQ) that I not only could not afford financially but would have negatively impacted my values towards minimising waste. It was honestly a process of time, through research online and at trade shows, and trial and error liaising with suppliers and taking the risk of ordering with them to see if they were a company that would work well with my brand. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a lace supplier that sells leftover stock from large brands to smaller retailers without a MOQ. This meant I could make use of supplies that would have otherwise been wasted. It was a win-win solution for both companies! I now have a close relationship with this supplier as they are my main provider and enjoy communicating with them as they are such an integral part of my business.

3: Are there areas where you know you want to improve, that will hopefully become easier if your brand can grow?

The areas in which I would like to improve are endless! As a business owner, something I have had to come to terms with is that I will never be “finished” and to use that as something to inspire me for continual improvement, and not let it have an anxiety inducing impact. 

I really want to improve the sustainability of my brand. I want to use more sustainable fabrics, look at my work practices and ways I can improve there. 

I think as brands and businesses, we have a real opportunity to be a positive voice and role model, and I really want to lead by example. I want LGL to show diversity, and through its community inspire women to celebrate themselves and each other. 

I also want to diversify my product line – more options for more bodies. I am just about to launch a Bralette with an inner pocket that can be worn with nursing pads for new mum’s and women who have had a masectomy and wear a breast prosethsis. I would love to offer more designs like this that cater to the practical needs or more women, so they don’t feel like that have to chose between practicality and feeling pretty!

Being such a small brand (I literally do everything, except take photos which my go to photographer Kirsten Hough aces for me!) can be such a strength as I have that real personal involvement in my brand, but limiting in that I am so limited in the one resource I can’t manufacture more of – time! I honestly don’t know if I want LGL to be this big, giant fashion brand. I think I’m happy with a humble and heartfelt brand, but not opposed to maybe outsourcing a little of the work as I grow to help me stay true to what I believe in and what LGL stands for. 

4: What is your favourite product in your collection right now?
At the moment my favourite design is the Marigold Romper. It’s a white lace jumpsuit and I did wear it to see Arctic Monkeys so maybe that is why I am biased! 

5: Who or what inspires your creations?
I was only thinking about this the other day! My biggest source of inspiration in life as a whole would be music and art. I honestly could not live a day without them. I was that girl in high school hiding out in the art room listening to whatever music that was on my teenage radar at the time… I think I love that they evoke feelings and those feelings are evident in what that person (musician or artist) creates, and their art connects you to them. And that is what inspires me as a creative person. 

6: How are you working to reduce waste or your environmental impact in your business?
“To achieve ‘sustainability’ in a business is a huge thing, and I in no way claim to be a completely sustainable brand but it is definitely something I am working towards as a long term vision. In my product line I would like to include more materials that are sustainable, with a focus on using materials that would have been otherwise discarded as waste. A way I was able to incorporate this was in my packaging. I thought long and hard of what material was often discarded that I could make new use of for my packaging. Trawling through an op-shop, the idea came to mind – vintage curtains! I see so many of these palmed off at op-shops and they were a perfect fit for something I could upcycle and give new life too. It also means my customers receive a wash bag they can use for their intimates, so they are happy with that too!”

7: If you could make one thing legal or illegal (in Australia or worldwide), what would it be and why?

There is a long list of women’s rights I am so passionate about, but the one that is paramount in my mind is not really a law. It is just that I spent years learning at school, then tertiary education, and in all that time I learnt many things but never really learnt how important it is to love, care for, and be accountable for myself. I think I spent a long time getting in my own way, thinking every other person was responsible for me and my actions and feelings, when really when it comes down to it, the person that could make more change is me. I’m sorry if this is not really what you are after! But I just think the world could be a better place if we all knew and were taught that from early on.

8: If you weren’t in the fashion industry as a maker, what would you like to be doing instead?

I wanted to study psychology but my creative path kind of took over. I really am fascinated by the human mind and LOVE to learn about this topic. 

9: What’s next for you and LGL?

As mentioned before, I have a lot of goals and work to do to make LGL more sustainable so I will be working on that. Developing my community, and inspiring women in as many ways as I can. Always creating new designs! And I really want to launch an e course for women starting their own fashion businesses as I feel like I had to learn SO much despite studying formally. I think uni can teach you how to be an employee and not a business owner and this could be useful to share with others. 

10: Finally, I have to ask, what is your favourite way to be lazy?

I honestly do not get a lot of time to be lazy any more! But I love the feeling of soaking in a bath, snuggling into something super comfortable, eating good food and curling up with a good book. 

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Huge thanks to my photographer, Tarik Vann


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