TLDR guide to the BEST Vegan Easter eggs & chocolates

This is not an in-depth look into the world of Vegan Chocolate. And believe me, there is a whole world out there now. Last year I tried as many as I could muster in order to bring you a comprehensive list and if you have 18 minutes and a cup of tea you can watch all my first impressions, right here, right now. HOWEVER I know myself and chocolate, and I know that 18 minutes is just too long to wait when all you want to do is stock up on Vegan treats. So keep on scrollin’ for my top Vegan chocolate recommendations, and where you can buy them.

Since we are talking TLDR I am simply going to give you my top three:

Treat Dreams | Dream egg

Spoiler alert, these were our favourite in the taster video. When compared to regular cream eggs these are definitely on the pricey side, they are close to double the size, made from premium fairtrade dark chocolate and completely vegan. Oh, and so damn delicious you will wonder how it’s vegan. When talking to my partner about veganism he said there were a couple of things he would need a fantastic vegan version of, and cream eggs were at the top of the list. As I’m sure you have guessed he was blown away, and prefers Dream Eggs to the originals. The eggs are dark and rich, but not bitter. You can individually or in a carton of 6. One of my favourite things about the Dream Egg range is that they are plastic free, and all packaging can easily be recycled. We actually roll up the foil wrappers and use them as balls for our cat, but you can also toss them straight in your recycling. Be sure to check out the limited edition flavors; passionfruit, cherry, and orange, only available during Easter. Plus Treat Dreams have just released packs of caramel mini eggs and white chocolate mini eggs that I definitely need to get my hands on!
Price: Individual dream egg $6 | 6 pack $30 | mini eggs pack $15.25
Buy online at Flora & Fauna

Moofree | Orange Easter egg

I loved this egg, it reminded me of a tangy sweet Terry’s Chocolate orange and was pretty budget friendly. However, these are produced in the UK and therefore not as planet-friendly as the others on my list. If you are a honeycomb fan be sure to try out their ‘bunnycomb’ flavour egg.
Price: $15.95 (100g) Buy online at The Cruelty Free Shop

Medita Chocolates | Easter range

I had yet to discover the delicious joy of Medita Chocolates in time for last years video, so now I want to shout about them. These are the sophisticated, high-end vegan chocolates that you definitely want to hide from the kids. They will not truly appreciate the majesty of flavour. The Medita Easter range includes mini eggs filled with vegan honeycomb or a freshly made ganache of your choice, chocolate honeycomb bunnies and large easter eggs that include a handmade chocolate nest and large hollow chocolate egg filled with ganache chocolates. These are all expertly handmade in Victoria by Catherine Hill (you may know her as part of Restaurant Gordon Ramsey) using the finest plant-based ingredients.
Price: Honeycomb bunnies $6 | Mini ganache/ honeycomb eggs $12 (pack of 4) | Large Easter Egg $36.99
Shop online at Medita Chocolates or find a stockist in Victoria

So there we have it, my short but sweet list of top Vegan treats this Easter. I’d like to give an honorable mention to Plamil fairtrade organic mini eggs that are also gorgeously milky and just less than $10. Plus Loving Earth Boobook caramel chocolate eggs are popular easter chocolates and Loving Earth donates 50% of the profits to charity. I was disappointed by these as I love gooey caramel and this was more like caramel flavoured chocolate. But since it is loved by many others I will set that aside to add to my list.

What easter chocolates will you be trying this year? Do you have a favourite vegan treat?



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