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Bed. Best thing ever, right? Don’t worry, that was a rhetorical question I know bed is the best thing ever. In fact, I am writing this review from bed right now and loving life.

As I am sure you have guessed from the title I have been reviewing some rather special bed sheets (I know, my life is so hard sometimes). Not just any bed sheets, organic bamboo bed sheets from Linenly. Since I take my reviews seriously I have dedicated many, many nights of hands-on research and I can’t wait to share my findings. So tuck yourself in and let’s get cracking!

So, what exactly is bamboo fabric?

There are two bamboo fabrics you are most likely familiar with. The first is a tough, linen-like material that is strong enough to be used in corsets. The second type is polar opposite, being a super soft material that is used for bedding and clothing (including Boody, check out my review here) known as bamboo rayon. To create the soft fabric, bamboo leaves and the soft inner pith from the hard bamboo trunk are extracted using a steaming process and then mechanically crushed to extract the cellulose. The process uses chemicals and creates to semi-synthetic rayon fibre, however, the fabric used by Linenly is certified by OEKO-TEX to guarantee every thread has been tested for harmful substances and is safe for humans.

Benefits of bamboo

  • Bamboo is fast-growing and requires a third of the amount of water needed to grow cotton.
  • Bamboo has no natural pests therefore it doesn’t require the use of any pesticides.
  • Bamboo absorbs more greenhouse gases and produces more oxygen than the equivalent amount of timber trees.
  • Bamboo is antibacterial, odour-resistant, and naturally hypoallergenic (however I am personally uncertain if these qualities are still present after the process to turn bamboo into soft fabric).

Why I chose Linenly

Bamboo and other natural fabrics are more breathable than synthetics which makes for a much more comfortable night sleep, especially on warm summer nights. Cotton and linen are breathable too, however since cotton takes a lot more water (and often pesticides) to grow, and linen is often pretty expensive I wanted to give bamboo a try.

I also try to shop Australian as much as possible since I live in Melbourne, and while the bamboo may not be grown here, Linenly is a small Aussie company I want to support. Often, transportation and delivery are aspects of a products cost (to your wallet and their carbon footprint) is overlooked.

Linenly carefully sources quality, organic materials which are Oeko Standard 100 certified and free from harmful chemicals. Plus, the linen is ethically made and packaged to sell directly to customers, so the price can stay affordable.

The thread count (how many threads per square inch) of Linenly’s bamboo sheets is 400, which is fairly average for other fabrics. Usually, the higher the thread count the better, however anything more than 1000 is likely just gimmicky and wont feel dissimilar to lower thread counts. Your average high quality sheets have a thread count between 300-600 and Linenly’s 400 feels super luxurious. (FYI 400 threads of bamboo has the equivalent feel of 1000 threads of cotton).

My experience with bamboo bedding

To start off, I absolutely loved that the whole set of sheets and pillows came in a little fabric bag that made packing it into my linen closet incredibly neat and easy. You can organise bedding sets inside pillowcases too but this little addition was unexpected, thoughtful, and super handy!

I ordered a white sheet set which came with two silky soft pillowcases, one flat top sheet and one fitted bottom sheet. Fitting the sheets onto my bed was extremely easy and I could immediately feel how soft and silky they were. In the summer we were able to sleep with just these sheets to feel comfortable, while in the colder months we also used a duvet/ doona. The sheets felt light, breathable and super smooth for an incredibly comfortable nights sleep.

The bamboo sheets breath-ability definitely shouldn’t be overlooked by the way! As someone who would usually wake up piping hot and stuffy in the morning I have noticed since switching to bamboo sheets my sweaty mornings have decreased tenfold which makes my sleep deeper and less interrupted. If you often find yourself overheating in the morning, or just fancy a silky smooth night sleep I definitely recommend trying these sheets out for yourself so you can feel the difference too.


Price-wise, I was also pleasantly surprised at how affordable the set was compared to other natural and organic bedding options. While these sheets were gifted to me by Linenly, I only work with brands that I would be prepared to buy from myself and can justify spending whatever amount of money on.

Since I had never bought new bedding before I wanted to check what prices were elsewhere. Kmart, a budget brand available throughout most of Australia is priced around $25 for Queen or King size bedding, however the quality is likely to be extremely low and there is no telling if the makers are paid fairly. Countryroad, which scores a ‘Good’ on Ethical fashion rating website Good On You starts their cheapest cotton bedding at $200, while their organic linen sets are over $500. Linenly’s organic bamboo Queen sheet set is currently for sale at $150 which appears to me to be a fair price for both the manufacturers and the customers. While I may have been hesitant to spend $150 on linen in the past, now I have felt the comfort I would definitely invest in bamboo sheets in the future.

If you wish to check out Linenly yourself, check them out here.

Unsure which bedding is for you? Here’s the specs:


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