My top five eco-friendly products of 2019

It has been an amazing year of discovering eco-friendly products for me, and a great year of second hand finds too! Today, I wanted to round up my best buys of the year, and it was super easy since I packed them all in my suitcase (because I honestly don’t know how to live without them) Some of these I have had all year and some have been new discoveries. All of them are eco-friendly and flipping brilliant!
(p.s let me know your favourites in the comments!)

Handmade cutlery holder from Here and There Makers

A great compact size but still big enough to squeeze in two forks, two spoons and one hardy plastic knife that we have used each time we have flown or traveled this year. The pouch is perfect for planes and picnics alike! Shop here.

Brightening moisturiser from Concordia Skin

A hit with me and all my friends alike, I haven’t shut up about Concordia all year and I am not likely to shut up about them next year either. While I love a whole host of their products, this one I use every single day after showering to moisturise my face and I find it is a perfect base for any makeup that likes to play funny buggers. It doesn’t feel oily either like a lot of other moisturisers I have found and the ingredients are all suitable for sensitive skin. Shop here.

Conditioner bars from Ethique

These babies are perfect for conditioning my hair and are super easy to use. I rub the bar onto the lengths of my hair, or rub it between my hands. While I am yet to find a shampoo bar that is 100% perfect for my hair, these conditioning bars are a dream! I have used two of their conditioners and loved the scent and results from both! Shop here.

Rose Gold Saftey Razor from Kappi

One of my newest items of 2019 but also one of the best. After being scared of the idea of a safety razor for MONTHS, my old plastic razor head finally started to fail me and I knew I had to bite the bullet. Luckily I had recently visited the Zero Waste festival in Melbourne and was right there! I got to speak to them about all my worries and had all my questions answered so I felt a lot more confident in my purchase. My first shave went without any hitches (or scratches) and I don’t think my armpits have EVER had a better shave. Seriously impressed, five stars from me. Shop here.

Econyl Sports top from Active Apostle

Made from econyl, this sports top is soft, stretchy and breathable. I love my body, but I am not always confident to just rock a crop top, but when I workout I get super hot and sweaty so I want clothing that will keep me looking and feeling cool. I love how this top hugs my body and stays in place while not being super tight. It can get a little darker in sweaty areas but will dry off much faster than a cotton top, and feels a lot fresher. Since it is econyl it is also suitable to wear in the sea, so I can see this top doubling up as a rash vest for the summer! Shop here

Thats my top five this year! Let me know what you have been loving! I am always on the lookout for more eco friendly products to try.



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