Hemp Eco Undies Review | Getting up close and personal with Wama underwear

Hemp. A species of cannabis plant that was illegal to sell in Australia only three years ago, and now it’s everywhere. I mean it, everywhere! Cakes, bags, powders, oils, beers, medicine, insulation, animal feed, and even snugly wrapped around my bum! That’s right folks, you saw it in the title, and I’m repeating it now, today I am reviewing my experience of hemp undies.

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Wama Underwear

Wama Underwear is an American brand on a mission to make the best hemp underwear in the world, and bring awareness to hemp as clothing. Wama found underwear to be a great fit (get it) for hemp, due to the materials natural anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. They also found hemp to be a great choice for sustainable reasons:

  • Fast growing – Hemp takes around 12 weeks to be ready to harvest while cotton takes up to 25 weeks, depending on the weather. This means you can grow hemp in practically half the time it takes cotton.
  • Multi-purpose – Every single part of a hemp plant has a use, which definitely appeals to the zero waste warrior I aspire to be.
  • No pesticides – Hemp grows well without any need for herbicides because it is an extremely dense crop, so it doesn’t actually leave room for anything else to grow.
  • Less water – and only requires about 50% of the water that cotton requires to grow. In fact, Wama’s website states that they have saved 555,609 days of drinking water so far, because of choosing to use hemp!
  • Durable – While this is not about the growing or harvesting, durable fibres make for long lasting clothes, while means you will buy less in the long run, and get more wears out of fewer items. Sounds pretty sustainable to me!

Wama underwear is 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex. While hemp alone has a texture similar to linen, when mixed with cotton it is wonderfully soft and still maintains it’s breathable, anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. I was contacted last year with an offer to try out Wama’s undies for myself and after a little bit of research, I happily accepted the offer!


Before I first felt the hemp undies, I assumed the fabric would have been scratchy against my skin, but actually the fabric felt soft and supportive, especially compared to my other knickers. While it doesn’t feel as soft as some cotton underwear I’ve tried, the more I have worn Wama’s underwear, the softer the fabric has become.

I was given the hipster, bikini and thong styles to try out, and while they were all super comfortable, I definitely gravitated towards the hipster and bikini styles a lot more than the thong. This is of course my personal preference since the thong style is quite wide compared to others I have tried, and therefore it is a little more noticeable if they happen to ride up (wedgies are never fun). I know others love thongs like this, but the bikini and hipster styles were perfect for me.

They also came in three colours: black, green and hemp (sort of light yellow/green) all of which I love. The hemp colour is perfect for wearing under light coloured clothing, the green is great for a bit of fun, and the black is the most practical for everyday use. I am really pleased that Wama decided to include some colours in their collection, I think it helps them stand out and appeal to more audiences. Hipster and boyshort styles are particularly popular for girls and teenagers, so I hope the inclusion of these styles and colours encourages more young people to embrace ethical fashion.

The undies actually became my favourite a lot faster than I anticipated and I think that is down to the supportive fit. Because fits well to my body there is no rubbing or movement, keeping everything down there comfortable. The underwear is a little thicker than most of my other pairs but it still feels breathable so unless I am wearing something super tight and don’t want VPL (a visible panty line) I quickly forget they are any thicker than normal.

My experience wearing hemp underwear has been, and will continue to be, a great one! I am so happy I was able to give these a go and find out how they felt for myself, and since Wama have a great returns policy, you can try them too, and return with no questions asked if you don’t like them so you can try a new size, colour, or be given a refund.

If you do try them, be sure to let me know what you think, and thank you for supporting sustainable fashion and an awesome brand that is on a mission to protect your privates naturally!


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