Six free Apps That Help You Minimize Waste

I don’t want to waste your time (get it) with a long intro, so here are five free apps that have personally helped me become less wasteful, and I hope they will help you as well!


Give your waste a second chance! ShareWaste is a website and app that unites people who have scraps with people who have a compost. This is a great, free solution to minimize waste for those without a garden who still want to responsibly dispose of their scraps. Recommendation: The Bokashi compost bins are perfect for storing scraps in the meantime since they are compact and can create ‘compost tea’ which is great to feed your plants. Plus they have a good seal so there wont be a smell and they are easy to transport when the time comes to donate your scraps.

Usually, I miss out with apps like this because not enough people in my area are involved. But even before joining ShareWaste I was able to put my post code into their system and see ten hosts super close to me that I could start donating waste to! Once you join you are able to click on each listing and find out what they are accepting (coffee husks, fruit, veg scraps…) and message them to arrange dropping off your compostables!

As a composter on ShareWaste, it is great to have the freedom to list exactly what your compost needs so that you make the most out of your bin or worm farm. You can also turn your listing off for a while if you no longer need donations.


Share more, waste less. Olio connects neighbors and local businesses so that they can share food and other items that might otherwise be wasted. In my own local area, I found people giving away fresh herb trimmings like rosemary and lavender, coffee pods, baby food and so much more! Plus spare items with everything from beauty products to bricks! Personally I see plan to use Olio to list my own spare beauty products (since I have sampled so many and they deserve a good home) and get some amazing fresh herbs while I put off planting my own. I can see my partner browsing on the app to search for perishable food items that we can use for that nights dinner since free food and minimizing waste is basically the best combo ever for him.

Olio is global and yet again I was surprised to find so many people in my area had already adopted using it! Jump on for yourself and see what goodies you can save today.


Depop is an app that allows you to buy and sell used clothing from your local area AND across the globe. It is easy to set up each listing right from your phone (or computer if you prefer) plus you can add up to five tags to each listings to make your items appear in relevant searches. You can also add your own delivery costs and set deals for people that make a few purchases, which makes everything feel like you have your own cool online shop!

While it is primarily an app for buying and selling clothing, you can sell other items such as accessories, books, technology and furniture. If you are interested in joining depop search for bekindcoco and we can be friends! Depop is free to use but I believe it does take a small cut of any sales you make, so that is worth considering when you set your prices. While I also think facebook marketplace can be a good option for finding or selling second hand items, Depop gives you the ability to link your paypal account, giving you piece of mind and making transactions incredibly straight forward.


How to recycle, where to dispose. RecycleSmart is Australia’s most comprehensive recycling app, which can link straight to your local council to give you area specific recycling advice. You can search for exactly what you want to recycle (e.g bubble wrap) and the result will be colour coded to let you know the correct method of disposal (yellow= general waste bin, blue= recycling bin) plus, if the item can be recycled using another method such as redcycle it will list the information below, with links to find out more.

This app is particularly useful if you are new to recycling, but even I find myself googling for particular items from time to time. We are all probably guilty of optimistically recycling things that we are unsure of, when in reality this gamble very rarely pays off and contaminates a whole batch of recycling – making all your good recycling choices pointless as well. RecycleSmart takes the guess work away and makes sure you are recycling smart.

Super Cook

SuperCook is an app I have just started to use. After looking at a few apps that create recipes based on what you already have in your kitchen, this one seemed to have the best reviews and functions for me. Getting set up was pain-free and I could even add ingredients to my list using my voice which was a huge time saver. If it miss-understood anything (for example, it heard ginger beer as ginger and beer) I could cancel it from the list and add it by typing. Once my list was complete I tapped one button and it showed up with all the recipes available to me, and prompted me to see if there were any staple items I had missed such as olive oil and butter.

I have already found there are some things it does not understand such as minced garlic, but by adding garlic to the list it doesn’t really make a difference when it comes to cooking the recipes. If you want to know how I get on with the app, follow me on instagram as I will share my review after a few weeks.

CoClo (coming soon)

Fashion sharing and renting. That gorgeous dress in your closet deserves to see the light of day. I know, it’s only appropriate for special occasions and you simply don’t get invited to enough weddings and baby showers to show it off, but it could go to a few without you…

Introducing CoClo (formally known as Tumnus) which began life as a way for people with cool clothes to share and rent them to the world. Think of it as the new-age Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, except you get a bit of cash each time a sister wants to borrow them! Growing from this, CoClo also wants to provide a range of fantastic wardrobes so that you can rent everything you need to create effortless looks from a few beautiful pieces. The various CoClo collections insures there is an option for every style.

The services should be available soon and in the meantime follow them on instagram here. And if you want to rent something now, check out Glam Corner.

Bonus: Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and even eBay are great websites for getting rid of your clutter. Either give things away for free or earn a little bit of cash. I have used all three myself and had positive buying and selling experiences, but since they are more well known I didn’t want to go into too much detail for this post.

What websites and apps have you used? What did you think of them?



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