Strandatory Review: Probably the best natural dry shampoo in the world.

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I know with most reviews they start with a bit of mystery. Will they/ wont they love the product? What could possibly happen. But I couldn’t find anything about this dry shampoo to really dislike and so, what point would mystery serve? No dramatic cheesy pauses here guys, this product ticks all of my boxes.

About Strandatory

Strandatory was born from (founder) Gabbi’s busy schedule, frustration from over powdered and dry locks from supermarket brands, and the need for a dry shampoo that was easy, effective and invisible.

“I was getting to the point of cutting my long hair off to make my hair washing routine easier, I was really self-conscious around other people who I thought were judging the state of my hair. Most of the time I thought it looked WORSE with the dry shampoo in it, than leaving it unwashed. I really didn’t want a short haircut, or as Mum says “a funky crop” just because I’m over 40 – lol! thanks Mum.

“I needed to find something that made my hair look clean, not oily and let me get on with my day without worrying about my appearance. When I couldn’t find it I decided to make it and after months of trialling ingredients and dispensers, I finally reached the point of creating my now “go to” dry shampoo. I hope you love it as much as I do!” – Gabbi


Let’s start with the packaging, which you might expect me to have an issue with since it is packaged in plastic. I would love if future Strandatory dry shampoo products could have less plastic, but I do understand that alternative packaging can really drive up costs that small businesses may not be able to afford. In this case, the packaging is so thoughtfully designed that I can’t really fault it, and I would love if re-fills could be available in the future so I can keep using the same tub.

There is a small mirror on the top that is great when using this product on the go and the size makes it ideal to keep in your makeup bag. The lid is quite deep, minimising any risk of it popping off in transit and spreading powder around inside your bag, plus the powder is actually stored in a separate part of the tub which is really hard to twist open, making it even harder to spill.

Once you remove the lid, you are met with a soft and firm little powder puff that you use to pat and stroke the dry shampoo directly onto your head. Thanks to this design it neatly distributes the powder without getting any on your clothes!


And now, the pivotal moment, the product itself! Because as amazing as the packaging is, it would be nothing without an incredible product inside. Strandatory’s Dry Shampoo comes in five different tones to cover all blonde, brunette, and red hair colours ( I am using Brunette/ Chestnut) and all the ingredients are natural, cruelty-free and vegan.

Directions: Using the sponge dispenser, dab directly onto the base of your scalp and through the top and front sections of your hair. The sponge will dispense the product evenly as you dab. Brush powder through a couple of times with your hair brush and style as usual.

The powder blended beautifully into my hair and I couldn’t see any residue! I was simply left with shiny, matte, healthy looking hair instead of the former greasy locks I sported moments ago!

I love that I can now include a natural and no-mess dry shampoo into my weekly hair routine and can have fresh looking hair until my next wash! Plus, Strandatory also creates other natural hair products to try out including hair serums and shampoo bars. I was also lucky to receive a vanilla lip balm that I have using every morning and adore! (The lip balm uses beeswax so it isn’t vegan, but it is still natural and cruelty-free)


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