So, you’ve found me.

HELLO! Welcome to my cozy little space on the internet. I am Chloe, known to many as Coco, and I shall be your guide to all things cruelty-free, natural, organic, fair-trade and beyond. First, a little bit about me…

It all began with MAC makeup, a brand that I actually never purchased despite all my friends flocking to the store if we were ever in a shopping center (we small town folk get excited about malls) MAC tested on animals and therefore they were the devil to me. It wasn’t until I finished university that I discovered that pretty much all the drugstore makeup in my bag were also tested on animals. I was disgusted. Saddened. Outraged. I vowed to only buy cruelty-free products from then on and I stuck by that decision with ease… It wasn’t long after this that a documentary called A True Cost came into my life and I knew a big change was brewing. I couldn’t turn a blind eye or look at makeup and clothing the same way again. And this was only the beginning.

It is time to rise up and do something. I believe we all have the power to make a difference. We can vote with our wallets what changes we want to see and what our ethicals are. We can bring down corporate giants who only care about profit and lift up the companies that want to save the environment from more destruction. Through our everyday habits, we can make this earth a beautiful place for our future generations.

I believe in the goodness and kindness of people. We do not buy these things because we are evil or support slavery. It is difficult to see the injustice behind beautifully designed packaging and sale stickers, but it is there. Like many of you, I want to make the right choices. The ethical choices. The kinder choices. The choices that seem easy but can be hard to find or even identify.

So please, join me in my quest to make our world even more beautiful, and every day a little bit kinder.