So, you’ve found me.


HELLO! Welcome to my cozy little space on the internet. I am Chloe, known to many as Coco, and I shall be your guide to all things cruelty-free, natural, organic, fair-trade and beyond. First, a little bit about me…

After university, studying Journalism at Southampton Solent, I moved to London for a Graphic Design internship. I lived with my Grandma and her two cats for six months learning all I could from the fantastic company. After this came to an end I caught a flight to New Zealand where I met my now-boyfriend (An Aussie) and decided to travel with him to Europe before moving to Melbourne. My loves are travelling, wildlife, and kindness.

We live in a truly beautiful world but there is still so much needless suffering. Surrounded by cheap products where someone else is paying the price. Fast fashion equals slavery and poor working conditions. Cheap products can mean animal testing. Cheap meat can mean that the animals spent their short lives in terrible conditions.

I believe in the goodness and kindness of people. We do not buy these things because we are evil or support slavery. It is difficult to see the injustice behind beautifully designed packaging and sale stickers, but it is there. Like many of you, I want to make the right choices. The ethical choices. The kinder choices. The choices that seem easy but can be hard to find or even identify.

So please, join me in my quest to make our world even more beautiful, and every day a little bit kinder.