• Ethical & plastic free Period: Period underwear V.S. Cotton pads

    We have discussed menstrual cups previously on the blog and youtube so today I am going to talk you through the rest of my ethical period products so that you have a better idea of what products might be suitable for you. This tackles reusable cotton pads from HannahPad and underpants from ModiBodi.

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  • 5 Lazy ways you can be more ethical

    I get it, life is crazy. We all get busy and on the flipside, we can all be a little lazy. There is definitely a preconceived turn-off to ethical life that I here often, but today we are going to combat those worries! Ethical life does not have to be hard work. You don’t have to sell all your non-organic clothes to buy a solar power generator and swap in your home for a trailer…although that would be cool, let me know if you do that…

    The purpose of my blog is to show you that a journey to an ethical life is a lot easier than you think…and so to kick it off, here are 5 lazy ways that I have become more ethical.

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