• Melbourne: How to support local businesses from home

    Right now, the world is at a standstill. The earth is literally vibrating less as we are all stuck inside until further notice, waiting to know if we can go back to work, dance with our friends, and hug our loved ones once more. Unfortunately, while it may feel like time isn’t passing at all,

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  • 22 Zero waste swaps for your bathroom | Plastic Free July

    Do you dream of living the perfect low waste lifestyle? Do you long for pristine zero waste swaps to replace all the plastic in your life. Well my friends, this is the list for you. While I do not own all these things myself, I have been lusting over them for quite some time…Yup, even the toilet cleaner. So incase you have the same eco-desires, I wanted to make them easy to grasp as possible and put all the product information you need all in one place.

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