Lovely Links

A list of stuff I recommend! Let me know in the comments what you would like recommendations on and PLEASE share your own.

Sustainable (Food)
The True Cost (Fashion)
Plastic Ocean (Plastics)
Cowspiracy (Food)
What The Health (Food)
The Red Pill (Feminism & Mens Rights)
Cosmos (Space)
Planet Earth (Nature)

t600-a plastic ocean.jpg

Kiera Rose: She makes lovely videos that include vegan food, tattoos, mental health, charity shop hauls and other stuff that goes on in her day to day life. She is such a creative and talented filmmaker and very relaxing to watch.

Bella Fiori: Great if you want cruelty-free make-up tutorials with a side of vlogs and unsolved mysteries. She is a hilarious Aussie YouTuber who is fantastic at make-up, but what made me keep watching is her fascinating videos diving deep into unsolved mysteries. Check her out!

Jenna Julien Podcasts: Since she is one of the most subscribed YouTubers ever, you have most likely heard of Jenna Marbles… But you may not have discovered her and her boyfriend’s weekly podcasts. These two have kept me entertained for endless hours at work, and since they have over 150 podcasts you’ll be spoilt for choice. I particularly enjoyed their podcasts on conspiracy theories and ‘Julien sucks at celebrity trivia’.

Philip Defranco: Phil has a unbias news show that covers top stories and occasional Youtube news. While he will give his own opinion he will always welcome others to share and debate – which you can see in the comments. If you like your news to be a bit more entertaining then this is for you and there is a new show Mon-Fri PLUS his team produces hilarious vlogs on the daily which are also definitely worth a watch.