• Hemp Eco Undies Review | Getting up close and personal with Wama underwear

    Hemp. A species of cannabis plant that was illegal to sell in Australia only three years ago, and now it’s everywhere. I mean it, everywhere! Cakes, bags, powders, oils, beers, medicine, insulation, animal feed, and even snugly wrapped around my bum! That’s right folks, you saw it in the title, and I’m repeating it now,

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  • 6 Tips for giving up fast fashion & shopping ethically

    A couple of days ago I shared my 2 year journey away from fast fashion. But there is more to it than that. I also learnt how to shop ethically, make smart buying choices and make my clothes last. This is the sort of advice and know how I would have loved to read at the beginning of my journey, so I wanted to leave this information somewhere on the internet, in hopes that it may help some humans give up fast fashion and learn how to shop ethically. So here goes…and good luck.

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